Our Services

We provide our clients with a variety of services from our Premium Full Service Credit Repair Program to our DIY Credit Repair Program. We pride ourselves on offering our customers top notch customer service, no matter which program they select to begin their credit repair journey.

Our goal is always to help our clients achieve their credit goals, so they can enjoy the prestigious lifestyle they deserve. 

Customer Service Rep

Credit Report  Analysis

Our credit analysis is a detailed audit of your Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian credit reports. The report provides you with an overview your credit as potential lenders see you. 


The analysis list the items that are negatively and positively affecting your credit score. It will also explain how we use the power of credit laws to improve your scores. It will also include a step by step plan to speed up the improvement process.


The analysis is broken up into 5 sections:

Credit Score Basics

Your Credit Scores & Summary

Analysis of Your Accounts

Overview of Our Process

Your Part in The Process  

Premium Full Service Credit Repair Program

Our Premium Full Service Credit Repair Program is geared to take the stress of bad credit and debt collection calls away from you. We do all the work. 


This program provides you with everything from a through audit of your credit report and credit repair to personal counseling and resources to help you rebuild your credit. 

Enrollment Fee- $299.00 (single)

Enrollment Fee- $500.00 (couple)

Includes the following:

Portal set up and access 

Credit analysis report 

Document processing

Total to start this program includes enrollment fee $299/$500 plus monthly credit repair cost.

Monthly credit repair cost:

Single $129.00  Couple $195.00

DIY Credit Repair Program

Want take on the credit giants yourself? Our DIY credit repair resources will provide you with everything you need to do the job and leave you feeling EMPOWERED!

This program includes:

  • Consultation call

  • Credit report audit & analysis

  • Credit resolution plan

  • DIY Credit Repair Survival Guide

*Priced $299.00 One Time Fee