The first step to your credit repair journey begins with your consultation.  One of our board certified Consultants will help you explore and discover your credit challenges and goals. This is your time to share your why- reason you have decided to take the first step in your credit repair journey. Don't be shy! Our Credit Consultants are ready to help you develop a realistic plan to achieve your credit goals. 



Our consultations are generally followed by a Credit Report Audit.  Your Consultant will complete a line by line review of your credit reports. Our experts specialize in discovering inaccuracies or questionable items that should be challenged with the credit reporting agencies. Our objective is to uncover those items that are keeping you from achieving your credit goals.

*Included in DIY & Premium Full Service programs

Credit Resolution Plan

Our Credit Consultants will put together a realistic Credit Resolution Plan addressing your credit challenges and goals.

Your plan will include disputes challenging inaccuracies and discrepancies on your credit reports. Our team will advocate on your behalf with the credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors to ensure these entities are continuously reporting accurate information on your reports and maintaining compliance with all consumer credit laws.



 The next step in your credit journey begins by enrolling in one of our credit repair programs. You will begin the process by completing your online enrollment form and by paying your enrollment fee: 

Enrollment Fee - $299.00 (single) Couple $500.00 Includes the following:

Portal  Access Set up      

Credit Analysis 

Document Processing  


Monthly Service fee-$129.00/per month per person (single) Couples $195.00/month 


DIY Credit Repair Program 

- $299.00 One time fee

* Note- Clients should allow themselves 6 months in our credit repair program to see results. It is not required and clients may cancel at anytime.