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Our mission is to inform, educate, and empower our clients with the tools they need to achieve their credit goals. 

We partner with our clients to discover and remove inaccurate information from their credit reports. We also provide them with the resources they need to enhance their credit scores.


Overall, our objective is to provide our clients with the fresh start they need to achieve the "American Dream", the prestigious lifestyle they deserve starting right now! 


We look forward to you becoming a member of our Credit Now family. 

Nicki Waterford, Owner-CEO

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Our Services

We provide our clients with a variety of services from our Premium Full Service Credit Repair Program to our DIY  Credit Repair Program. We pride ourselves on offering our customers top notch customer service, no matter which program they select to begin their credit repair journey.

Our goal is always to help our clients achieve their credit goals, so they can enjoy the prestigious lifestyle they deserve. 


Credit Report  Analysis

Our CCA board certified Credit Consultants are well trained on consumer credit laws. Our experts will use their knowledge to audit your credit report, analyze problematic accounts, and provide you with a credit resolution plan to achieve your credit repair goals. 

This service is included in both the Premium Full Service and DIY Credit Repair programs. 

* Note-This service can be purchased al carte for $99.00

Premium Full Service Credit Repair Program

Our Premium Full Service Credit Repair Program is geared toward taking the stress of bad credit and debt collection calls away from you. We do all the work. 


This program provides you with everything from a through audit of your credit report and credit repair to personal counseling and resources to help you rebuild your credit. 

* Note-This service is $99.00/month plus enrollment fee

DIY Credit Repair Program

Do you want take on the credit giants yourself? Our DIY credit repair resources will provide you with everything you need to do the job and leave you feeling EMPOWERED!

This program includes:

  • Credit report audit and analysis

  • Consultation call

  • Credit resolution plan

  • DIY Credit Repair Survival Guide

* This service is priced at $149.00


"You have been such an inspiration. Thank you for helping me and my family with credit restoration. You are professional and you communicate with your customers as well as educate them on the process. This is not a season, but your life Nicki. You really care about people first."

-K. Bridges (Honey Scrubs-N-Stuff) 

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Our Story 

I am Nicki Waterford the owner of Credit Now Consulting & Repair. I started my company out of frustration, fear, and anxiety about my own credit situation. I had $100,000 in defaulted student loan debt, a previous bankruptcy, and a credit score in the low 500's . My credit score was so low I couldn't get approved for a nice apartment or car loan on my own. I needed to fix my credit, but more importantly, I needed help understanding how to deal with debt collectors.


After many long hours of researching consumer credit laws, I knew there was something I could do to change my situation and fix my credit. I learned how to use consumer credit laws to deal with the nasty collection agencies, dispute errors on my credit reports, and raise my score more than 100 points in a short time.


After fixing my own credit, I realized that I was not alone in the cycle of bad credit. There were plenty of people who were experiencing those same harassing debt collector phone calls and highway robbery auto loans like I had. They needed the same fresh start that I had given myself. As a resolution, I became a board certified Credit Consultant and opened Credit Now Consulting & Repair. I started educating clients about their consumer credit rights and began helping them fix their credit, so they could achieve their credit goals and live the "American Dream"- having the prestigious lifestyle they deserve.


Credit Now has become much more than just a business for me, it became a good credit movement for my community. If you have some credit challenges that you need help with, I invite you to join our Credit Now Consulting & Repair family and become a part of the good credit movement.


We are here to help you fight the CREDIT GIANTS and WIN!!

Nicki Waterford, Owner CEO